Sunday, July 5, 2015

My first class blog

Hello class my current major is Finance and I’ve been with Brandman University for about two and half years now. My most immediate career goals are to complete the degree program and work for our finance department at work. The department has various departments some of the member work on new budgets, some look a historical data, others do analysis and a few work on auditing only.

As I mentioned the previous paragraph before my career path can vary depending on which department I decide to take. My job has a on the job training program, online classes, in seat classes and a certification program in order for you to become efficient in your job.  The research I’m doing now has started with me seeking out a mentor that’s currently in the program I desire or has completed the program.

When it comes to information findings and how to better use it, I’ve found that having an outline or subject matter to stick to has helped me narrow my focus.  I’ve express in other post that for me writing is a skill that needs to be exercised. I would think that researching is also a skill that should be used in earnest in order to improve your approach.

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  1. Hi Will, my major is accounting and so I can kinda relate to finances. My job requires me to handle some finances. Just as you are, I'm trying to further my career for my current job. The topic I chose to research is Management Accountant and it really sounds alone the same lines of some of the department choices you can choose from. I think its awesome that your job has those kinds of opportunities to better yourself. As for having an outline to stick to, it is a very good idea that I will consider because things can get complicated when researching on the internet.